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Voice Artists

We only work with the best voice artists and actors in London, with a roster built on years of experience.
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Voice Artists

Voice over studios London & international

We have a broad range of ages and styles including young children and teenagers. Suitable for narration, commercials, documentaries, corporate, drama, cartoon animation and computer games.

We are well known for our American and ‘transatlantic voices’ – ideal for film dubbing, trailers, or a smooth commercial.

We can also source and negotiate any voice artist from our trusted agents, including A-list celebrities and foreign language readers.

See our samples for a small selection of available voice talent.

Voice Casting


For casting, we can provide test reads of your actual script rather than generic samples, so your client can choose precisely the voice they want – no surprises. We are used to very fast turnarounds and last minute text changes – no problem.

We also run ‘audition days’ in our spacious studios, with audio and video recordings of many actors compiled to your choice of clip reels.

ELT (English Language Training)


Fast Internet has meant a boom in the English Language Training (ELT) market. You can create your own custom ELT packages for corporate use within your organisation, or as part of your education curriculum.

We can cast experienced ELT voice talent, and provide organization and direction for really smooth sessions.

Radio Drama


Sonica is perfect for radio drama, with space for a large simultaneous cast recording, either together or in isolated booths. Acoustically treated studios with silent air conditioning make life easier.

We have multiple editing facilities, sound fx libraries and a Foley stage. You and your actors can park easily and relax and rehearse in our lounges.

Voice Reels


We produce packages for actors who are looking to create a highly polished voice reel, designed to get you noticed by agents and casting directors.

The unit includes consultation with an experienced professional voice artist / director, a selection of personally tailored scripts, studio time, backing music and fx, and mixing to long and short-form reels.

See our rate card for prices.

British and American Voice Talent

We can help you choose exactly the voice you need for superb commercials, documentary or film dubbing. Friendly, helpful and experienced talent, at realistic prices. See and listen to a small selection below:

Laurel Lefkow (US/UK)

						Laurel Lefkow (US/UK)
Award winning US actress, reader and VO artist. Great for commercials and dubbing. Regular on BBC Radio 4, and the voice of Estee Lauder.

Wayne Forester (UK)

						Wayne Forester Voice Artist
Well known British voice artist for BBC radio and TV. Famous for animations: Magic Roundabout, Horrid Henry, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds!

Laurence Bouvard (US)

						Laurence Bouvard voiceover artist
Highly experienced voice artist for books, cartoon series, ad campaigns and computer games. Fluent in several languages.

DeNica Fairman (UK/US)

						DeNica Fairman voiceover artist
Experienced and versatile actress with a great commercial voice for US and UK drama, narration, documentary and dubbing.

Jonathan Keeble (UK/US)

						Jonathan Keeble (UK/US)
Award-winning reader with over 500 radio plays for the BBC. The Angel of Death in the Hellboy films and the audio guide for The Sistine Chapel!

Emma Powell (UK)

						Emma Powell (UK)
Excellent RP voice, warm and caring for commercial, corporate and technical styles. Experienced ELT and dubbing actress.

Alison Dowling (UK)

						Alison Dowling (UK)
Television, voice-over, animation and BBC radio industry stalwart. Great dramatic presence and a fantastic dubber.

John Chancer (US)

						John Chancer (US)
Versatile actor (Casino Royale, Spooks) in demand for ads and cartoons (Chuggington), with hundreds of games and audiobooks in between.

Eric Meyers (US)

						Eric Meyers (US)
Highly sought after American voice actor and narrator. Credits include Southpark, Snatch (movie) and Emmy nominated Amazing Animals.

Nigel Pilkington (UK)

						Nigel Pilkington (UK)
Versatile British voice artist and singer. Perfect for drama, ELT and dubbing. Fluent in French and German.

Helena Johnson (UK)

						Voice over studios London & international
Young friendly and precise voice, experienced in dubbing, drama, documentary and commercial VO's.

Nigel Greaves (UK)

						Nigel Greaves (UK)
Superb character voice actor, ELT and dubbing artist, accomplished in video games and animation as well as audio books, TV and film.

William Hope (US/UK)

						William Hope voiceover artist
Accomplished TV and film actor (Aliens, Captain America) and over 100 radio plays for the BBC. Multiple voices in Thomas and Friends kids TV show.

Nick Rowe (UK)

						Nick Rowe voiceover artist
Well known British film, theatre and television actor. Great commercial voice. Fluent in French, Spanish and Portugese.

Simon Schatzberger (UK)

						Simon Schatzberger (UK)
Busy actor and voice for commercials theatre and TV. Experienced reader for audio books, ELT and dubbing.

Simon Kerr (US)

						Simon Kerr (US)
Powerful U.S. voice for narration, games characters, film trailers and commercials.