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Animation + Sound Design

Sonica is one of London’s most experienced studios for sound design in animation and online media.
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Animation Dialogue

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Sonica offers a a one stop shop for the whole animation sound process – original dialogue recording, sound design, Foley, ADR looping and final mix.

Three studios linked to four recording areas let us accommodate a large cast simultaneously, or in individual voiceover booths.

For cartoon voice over, narration, dubbing and ADR, we provide on screen scripting with wipes and cue beeps.

We use specialised scripting software such as Final Draft, Filemaker Pro, Edicue and Ediprompt to keep a close track on a large series with multiple characters and thousands of lines of dialogue.

We can tackle all the dialogue for a cinema feature, a TV series or a 5 second online animation.

Recent voice talent has included Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Micheal Gambon, Jeremy Irons, Stephen Fry, Alison Steadman, Brian Blessed and Alan Davies.

With rates consistently lower than a West End facility, we can give you the time for some real attention to detail in your production. See our rate card.

Game Sound


We specialise in video game sound too; multi-character voice overs, music and sound design.

We have experience with big name games as well as numerous Apps and devices. Storm troopers, dragons and cuddly bunnies all available.

We can also provide composers and producers to suit many musical styles from orchestral to electronica.

Whether you’re an experienced director or making your first short, we’re always happy to give advice on the confusing world of film and game sound – give us a call!

Soho House Miami.

Sound Design, Mixing + Foley


We have a huge library of sound fx coupled with three sound editing suites running Avid Protools 10 HD.

We also have a small Foley stage with selected low noise mics and mic amps for a quality Foley track.

We have portable recording equipment (booms, radio mics and HD machines) useful for field audio recordings, patching missing location sound or external interviews.

Our sound design experience ranges from feature length cinema animations down to radio commercials. We’ve produced work for big brand names (Apple, Nokia, BBC) as well as low budget shorts and corporate promos, see a few examples below.

‘Full English’ Chan 4 / Squirrelman Productions.
Ready Steady Play! iOS and Android App by animade.tv
Love Triangle – StreetworldTV.
Plus Plus Channel Idents – Animade.tv