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Dubbing + Voice Over

Sonica is perfectly equipped for all types of voiceover recording, with three studios and friendly, experienced editors.
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TV and film dialog, voiceovers for advertising trailers, internet virals, cast recordings, cartoon dubbing and localisation.

We have luxurious daylit rooms, private parking, client lounges and rates up to half that of comparable studios. See our rate card.

ISDN, Source Connect, Skype and phone patch as standard.

International Dubbing

source-connect-studioChildrens dialogue recording

Sonica specialises in English dubbing and voiceovers for international markets. With the wide availability of online and pay per view cable channels, the simple addition of an English dialogue track can give your shows a global audience.

For your commercial, film or series we can provide localisation, dubbing and ADR to transform it into a product with global sales potential.
 Our London dubbing suites offer a full service in script adaptation, casting of voices, recording and mixing of the final shows ready for broadcast.

We have a superb roster of some of the finest dubbing actors in London, including English, American and transatlantic accents – adults and children.
 Experienced in dubbing full, multi episode series and films, both live action and animation – with fast turnarounds and great attention to detail.

We have worked for some of the biggest global broadcasters from a diverse range of countries from Finland to the Middle East.
 We can help you choose exactly the right voices to suit your film, commercial, cartoon, game or TV sitcom.


English-Localisation and dubbingDialog Recording Studio

We offer an adaptation and localisation service, taking your foreign language script and converting it to a lip-synced English version with accurate, familiar speech ready for dubbing.

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a vast range of voice talent in many languages and accents. Let our experience help you get the right worldwide identity for your media.

ADR + Loop Group

London-Voiceover-dubbingEnglish dubbing

We are well equipped and experienced for ADR work, from individual voice sessions to large loop groups.

Using Protools HD with Edicue, VoiceQ and Streamers software, we can provide fast, precise dialogue replacement for film and animation. We can also give voice direction, casting of ADR loop voices, translation services, script editing and general office facilities on site.

We can recommend top class voice actors specific to any style, and provide voice casting services, including ‘audition days’ with audio and video recording of many actors, compiled to your choice of clip reels.